The Regions of Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has announced the regions of Guild Wars 2 which includes both good and bad news. The good news is that once you validate the game for your region you can move anywhere in the world and you are fine. The bad news is that the guesting feature has not been added yet and will be added after Guild Wars 2 launches, though there is no set release for that yet.

  • Customers in North America must register the North American version of the game, customers in Europe must register the European version of the game, and customers in other areas may register either version.
  • After you successfully register your Guild Wars 2 account, it becomes a global account.  You can roam to any part of the world and still access the game.
  • At launch, players will be able to transfer between worlds freely. However, once server populations have largely settled and stabilized, world transfers will be restricted to once a week and cost a variable amount of gems based on the population of the world being transferred to.
  • In time, we’ll also introduce free “guesting,” which will allow players to visit other worlds as guests as long as they have friends on those worlds. This feature will be free, but guest players will not be able to enter World vs. World, and the Power of the Mists bonuses from their home world will continue to apply to their characters.

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