Evon and Ellen Need Your Vote!!!

In the latest Living Story update we have the choice between Evon Gnashblade and Ellen Kiel. Evon is promising a discount on Black Lion Keys as well as sponsor important Fractals of the Mist research into the Fall of Abaddon. Ellen is promising a discount on waypoint travel as well as support important Fractals of the Mists research into the Thaumanova Reactor explosion. Its time to make your vote count by going to Lion’s Arch to start your journey.

Evon & Ellen Cutthroat Politics

F&F: The Gathering Storm Feb 26th

This month we will be getting more new features along with a continuation of the four part Flame and Frost story. One of the big additions is a new form of content, guild missions. The guild missions will include bounties, puzzles and cross-country challenges. This may help guilds have a closer unity and give them more of an identity. Another addition is the option to choose the type of daily achievements you want, this will allow you to play the way you want rather than being forced to dodge or heal nearby allies.

They are also adding a new PvP map along with two team rated PvP that will rate each player and choose balanced teams for quick intense matches.

Flame and Frost Prelude Jan 28th

Guild Wars has officially sold over 3 million copies. This is good news as its success will mean more development and content for us. With that I am going to cover some of the latest announcements for this months add-on. This month the big update is more of a new feature and improvement update, especially if you are a PVE player. Starting January 28th, they will allow guesting, add items to the gem store, a new PVP map, a better achievement system and new laurels. They are also including many UI improvements along with a few unknown changes.

  • Temple of the Silent Storm Week: From January 28—February 4 the regular eight-team/three-round paid tournaments will be replaced by two-team/single-round paid tournaments in the Temple of the Silent Storm map. After the week is over, we’ll add Temple of the Silent Storm to the regular rotation of both free and paid tournaments.
  • Improved Achievement System: We’re adding a new rotation of daily achievements to add variety and encourage you to explore the open world. You’ll get different achievements every day of the week and a new achievement tracker in the UI to make it easier to track your progress.
  • New Achievement Laurels:You’ll earn these brand-new laurels as a reward for daily and monthly achievements! Redeem these laurels for rewards like the new Ascended gear and Infusions!

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The Lost Shores Update

The November update is coming to Guild Wars 2 on November 16th, featuring a new dungeon as well as a one time event chain.

The event will kick off in Lions Arch at noon PST on the 16th. The following day at noon PST there will be a one time event chain where Tyria will change forever. If you aren’t able to make it during the weekend, don’t be too sad as the zone and dungeon will be there to stay, you’ll only miss out on the one time events and cut-scenes.

The Lost Shores Sign in Lions Arch

Announcing Guild Wars 2 for Mac

Today they just announced that Guild Wars 2 has a client for Mac OS X which is available for download right now, though it is in beta.

Today we’re happy to announce another major milestone in the development of Guild Wars 2: going forward, ArenaNet will also be supporting the game on Apple’s Mac OS X. The Mac Beta client is available immediately for all Guild Wars 2 players. It shares the same features and connects to the same live game servers as the PC client. Anyone who purchases Guild Wars 2 can now play it on both PC and Mac.

The Mac Beta is available to anyone who has purchased or purchases Guild Wars 2. All you need is an active Guild Wars 2 account to download the Mac Beta client. Just log in to account.guildwars2.com and click Download Client to get started. If you have any questions, check out our Mac FAQ.

The Guild Wars 2 Virtual Economy

We got our first look at the Guild Wars 2 economy taken from one of the beta weekend events. The charts give us a breakdown of where gold is earned, what crafting profession is being learned most as well as what the wealth distribution is. These numbers will be quite different than the launch of the game but worth looking at as we wait for launch.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Economy

The Regions of Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has announced the regions of Guild Wars 2 which includes both good and bad news. The good news is that once you validate the game for your region you can move anywhere in the world and you are fine. The bad news is that the guesting feature has not been added yet and will be added after Guild Wars 2 launches, though there is no set release for that yet.

  • Customers in North America must register the North American version of the game, customers in Europe must register the European version of the game, and customers in other areas may register either version.
  • After you successfully register your Guild Wars 2 account, it becomes a global account.  You can roam to any part of the world and still access the game.
  • At launch, players will be able to transfer between worlds freely. However, once server populations have largely settled and stabilized, world transfers will be restricted to once a week and cost a variable amount of gems based on the population of the world being transferred to.
  • In time, we’ll also introduce free “guesting,” which will allow players to visit other worlds as guests as long as they have friends on those worlds. This feature will be free, but guest players will not be able to enter World vs. World, and the Power of the Mists bonuses from their home world will continue to apply to their characters.

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Official Guild Wars 2 Launch Times

The official time for the launch of Guild Wars 2 has been announced.

  • Pre-Purchase with 3-Day Headstart: Everyone who pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 will enjoy three full days of Headstart Access. The three-day Headstart Access will officially begin at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 25th. However, please note that in order to ensure that we’re fully prepared for that fateful hour we may bring servers online up to 3 hours prior. If you’re a player committed to getting in first to grab that character name of your dreams you’ll want to be keeping an eye on things during that time period.
  • Pre-Order with 1-Day Headstart: Those who pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 will be able to participate in one day of Headstart Access. The one-day Headstart Access will begin at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 27th. NOTE – Pre-Order code registration is now enabled.
  • For those players who have not pre-purchased or pre-ordered the game, Guild Wars 2 will officially launch at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 28th.
  • Download the Client today: If you’ve registered your pre-purchase or pre-order and created your Guild Wars account you can go to account management today and download the client. Be sure to update the client periodically to minimize your download at launch.