Temple Timers App Beta

We first launched our web app to a small number of users on Friday and added a few more on Saturday. Our Temple Timers web app is now open to a much bigger group as we continue to test it. Please remember it is still in beta and as such it may have an issue once in a while. Please report any issues to us, thanks.

Currently it is only in English though I will be adding other language support once I know the best route to handle it.

Expanding site that will adapt to 1080p screens as well as 1024p screens.
Every event has its own panel to update the event.
Guesting panel on the right for the 4 next events.
Earn ranks as you help with updating the timers.
Many other smaller changes.

Temple Timers App Beta

9 thoughts on “Temple Timers App Beta

  1. Something you may have thought of, or not. Instead of having peeps on this web site, could soemone Develop a Windows Gadget? Just a pain to have my web browser open all the time, even with multi monitor.

    Just a thought.

    • I have thought of it, however as I am a web programmer I know next to nothing about Windows Apps/Gadgets so in the mean time I will keep the site browser based. I do have a few ideas on improving the experience of the site though for phones/tablets as well as the browser.

  2. The rank thing is a good idea since people on my server constantly fuck with the timers so they end up being wrong half the time.

  3. Really great work guys, keep it up. This is something that i see as really useful and valuable for people that are activ with those events.


  4. Is there some point with “ranks” or even register and use app, cos currently any random can go and reset timers from webpage and there is nothing what we can do about it?

    • This is transition time so at the moment there is not much protection. As more users move over and it is stable I will begin pulling/limiting the other timer page from imputing data to help control the timers more. This week we are trying to polish all the bugs to ensure that the new system will work.

    • You and your friends/guild are all welcome to the new system. We are continuing to work on it to improve it so if you find any bugs let us know.

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