MegaContest Winners

Sorry about the delay in posting the winners. We received nearly 30K entries from many different users.

This was a fun contest for us and a great way to give back to the community that has made this site as popular as it is today. We learned a few lessons from this contest which we will improve upon when we have our next contest.

Congratulations to the contest winners below.

  • Grand Prize: Jonathan, USA
  • Gem Card: Anonymous, Switzerland
  • Gem Card: Erik, USA

The chance of winning is based on the total number of entries.

The MegaUpdate and MegaContest

Today the world is changing with the introduction of the Megaserver.

We are so excited here at Guild Wars Temple about all the changes coming to the game. As a way to kick off the event we want to give away a 32GB Microsoft Surface RT Tablet along with two Guild Wars 2 Gem cards with 2000 gems on each.

We will be doing a lot of tweaking as we test the Megaserver more and have some time to polish off all the lumps of the massive change. Please be aware that we are working to make our site a smooth and unified experience. We updated the most popular part of our site but we will be moving the update to mobile and our mini timers for guilds/sites.

To enter simply go to your servers event timers page and enter on the right hand side. You are able to enter up to once per day.

Surface RT Tablet

Guild Wars 2 does not run natively on the Surface RT. With Remote-Desktop you are able to use the tablet as a screen to run anything off your desktop PC.

Happy 2014 New Year

We have an exciting year ahead here at Guild Wars Temple and in Guild Wars 2 as we wrap up season 1 and begin season 2 of the free content updates.

There has not been much change over the last few months here but we are currently working on a timer redesign that makes the timers smaller and will allow more functionality. One of the big changes of 2013 for us was the API connection that we use which allows us to update the timers off of the server to provide more accurate times. As a result we want to make the information more clear as to what the data was taken from.

On the game side we get to look forward to the wrapping up of season 1 with all that Scarlet has caused from the Queen’s Jubilee to the Toxic Alliance and the Tower of Nightmares. Season 2 will have an exciting new story to unleash on us and we are looking forward to a taste of what that might be.

And lastly we want to give you a little taste of what we will be doing a later in the year just as we did last year. Last year we ran a contest to add a laptop to a Guild Wars 2 screenshot and gave away two 2000 Gems Guild Wars 2 cards. This year we have a bigger content that won’t require any special software and should be more accessible to allow anybody to participate.

Temple Timers App Beta

We first launched our web app to a small number of users on Friday and added a few more on Saturday. Our Temple Timers web app is now open to a much bigger group as we continue to test it. Please remember it is still in beta and as such it may have an issue once in a while. Please report any issues to us, thanks.

Currently it is only in English though I will be adding other language support once I know the best route to handle it.

Expanding site that will adapt to 1080p screens as well as 1024p screens.
Every event has its own panel to update the event.
Guesting panel on the right for the 4 next events.
Earn ranks as you help with updating the timers.
Many other smaller changes.

Temple Timers App Beta

Happy 2013 New Year

Hello fellow Templars,

I hope you all enjoyed the New Years parties and festivities as we wrap up Wintersday. We here at Guild Wars Temple have many great plans for 2013 and are going to cover some of the future changes as we move into the year.
Happy New Year 2013

Firstly, we are working on an update to the mobile app for Android that will remember what server you are on and it will also allow you to choose the language of your choice.

Over the long term we are going to be adding more events, as we see what gets the most interest.

We are also working on a log-in system that will allow you to choose the events that you want to see, among many other options to personalize your timer page.

We have other plans to add to accounts once the account feature is released but they will need further testing before they are announced.

Dragon Timer Update

We have been working hard on the latest update that includes many new features that we hope you will enjoy. Recently we asked for feedback on what events you would like to see and now we need your feedback on the event times that we have added.

Here is a list of changes that we made with the recent update:

+ Added Android App (Search gw dragon timer and look for Temple Timer .)
+ Designed the mobile version of the site to look better, should be much better on iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.
+ Added Ability to Embed timers on guild sites
+ Improved speed of page loading
+ Added security measures to help with timer accuracy
+ Added 4 new events (Megadestroyer, Shadow Behemoth, Temple of Balthazar and the Fire Elemental in Metrica Province)
+ Combined Updater with Rating System as well as adding Server Reset option.
+ Added ability to show event is happening right now.
+ Added history panel showing previous times. (Moved event details to mouse hovering/clicking on dragon/event name.)
+ Other changes

While the Android app can be downloaded by everybody, you will not see your server until it is updated on the site. I will be adding as many servers as I can each day, please be patient as we upgrade.

Dragon Timer Beta

We have created an easy-to-use dragon timer with countdown timers and information showing when the timer was last updated to help show accuracy. You can view the timer by clicking the link in the menu or going to This is the beta and is only on one server at the moment. As things continue, we will fix bugs and work on stability as well as opening up more servers. If you would like your server added, contact us and let us know, we may just add yours next.