Flame and Frost Prelude Jan 28th

Guild Wars has officially sold over 3 million copies. This is good news as its success will mean more development and content for us. With that I am going to cover some of the latest announcements for this months add-on. This month the big update is more of a new feature and improvement update, especially if you are a PVE player. Starting January 28th, they will allow guesting, add items to the gem store, a new PVP map, a better achievement system and new laurels. They are also including many UI improvements along with a few unknown changes.

  • Temple of the Silent Storm Week: From January 28—February 4 the regular eight-team/three-round paid tournaments will be replaced by two-team/single-round paid tournaments in the Temple of the Silent Storm map. After the week is over, we’ll add Temple of the Silent Storm to the regular rotation of both free and paid tournaments.
  • Improved Achievement System: We’re adding a new rotation of daily achievements to add variety and encourage you to explore the open world. You’ll get different achievements every day of the week and a new achievement tracker in the UI to make it easier to track your progress.
  • New Achievement Laurels:You’ll earn these brand-new laurels as a reward for daily and monthly achievements! Redeem these laurels for rewards like the new Ascended gear and Infusions!

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Happy 2013 New Year

Hello fellow Templars,

I hope you all enjoyed the New Years parties and festivities as we wrap up Wintersday. We here at Guild Wars Temple have many great plans for 2013 and are going to cover some of the future changes as we move into the year.
Happy New Year 2013

Firstly, we are working on an update to the mobile app for Android that will remember what server you are on and it will also allow you to choose the language of your choice.

Over the long term we are going to be adding more events, as we see what gets the most interest.

We are also working on a log-in system that will allow you to choose the events that you want to see, among many other options to personalize your timer page.

We have other plans to add to accounts once the account feature is released but they will need further testing before they are announced.