A: What are the green/gray/yellow status icons? What do they mean?
Timer State

A: Can you break down the timer buttons?
Timer Breakdown

A: Where is ... event?
We don't have every event, not even close. If there is an event you would like to see added, let us know by contacting above.


A: Is the App site secure?
We have taken a number of measures to ensure security, passwords are stored in a database encryted and salted for additional security. However we ask every user to take there own measures by choosing a unique password.

A: I forgot my password, how can I reset my account?
Go to the password reset page and enter your username to recieve a new passowrd.

A: What happens if I click the "Reset Timer" button?
Resetting the timer adds a report that the timers should be reset, if the number of reports gets to a certain number in a certain timeframe then it will reset the timers. This means that if you don't update for 2 days and then click the reset button, it will basicly have no effect. NOTE: We will be refining the reset feature so that it kicks off without too many votes but only when it should.


A: Can I submit a picture or fan fiction?
We would love to expand our image gallery as well as our fan fiction category. We do have a general rule of quality and age appropriateness required and will review each on a case by case basis.