“This is my story.”

Hello, I am Daniel Black, a ranger from Divinity’s Reach. I was raised by common folk and have worked hard all my life.

To truly understand how I became the person I am, you have to understand my past. I was abandoned at an orphanage as an infant but was quickly adopted by a kind couple. Though this may not sound so bad it has a certain effect on any young child that still leads me to not trust people.

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Dragon Timer Beta

We have created an easy-to-use dragon timer with countdown timers and information showing when the timer was last updated to help show accuracy. You can view the timer by clicking the link in the menu or going to gw2dragontimer.com. This is the beta and is only on one server at the moment. As things continue, we will fix bugs and work on stability as well as opening up more servers. If you would like your server added, contact us and let us know, we may just add yours next.